Winter 2018


A sad day for the Valhalla Tree Farm... Earl Ingebright passed away on August 7th 2017.
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Replica of a 1300s Building
We test our skills at building a replica of a 1300s Norwegian Stave Church near the Norwegian Cabin. View photos

Small Time Loggers
Numerous windfalls during the 2016 winter storms caused us to take some big logs to the local sawmill for a spring small time logging project. Check this page for photos.

Sauna Project
has satisfied users!
We build a four-person wood-fired Sauna adjacent to the Hytte.
Check the New Sauna Page and the Hytte Page

Spring Water System Upgrade
We install a pickup truck 200 gallon plastic water tank at 300 vertical feet on the mountain. A nice upgrade for the 20 yr old catch and storage system.  Check the Fountain of Youth page

2010 Tree Farmer of the Year story in the Everett Herald. Discusses the legacy of private Forests. Read the story Page 1  Page 2

27 Acre purchase
Just completed was a nice addition to our "back forty" holdings. Check the Lot 16 page.

Homestead House Teardown
The 1901 Homestead House page is worth checking. It includes maps of the original 1850 homesteads in the area and the land divisions leading up to modern times.

Read the Everett Herald story on the Homestead House and Earl's legacy. Page 1 Page 2

Jordan Creek Coho Salmon 
Check our Coho Run page and see the some awesome photos of the mature Coho Salmon returning to Jordan Creek to spawn every Fall.

Winners of the Washington State Farm Forestry Assoc "Outstanding Tree Farmer of the Year" 2010
Dave and Earl have had a blast managing the 100 acres and never dreamed that our tree farm would be chosen for this prestigious award. Here's a link to the Press Release

 7 Acre Acquisition!
Valhalla was able to negotiate with our neighbors for a very nice addition to our back forty. Check the 7 Acre Acquisition page to see shots of the new parcel and where it lies in relation to Jordan Creek.

Valhalla Oddities!

As would be the case, Valhalla has its oddities.  See some strange Sculptures done by the resident beavers.. Don't miss the Mystery Note or the Bent ladder Mystery or the skull discovery at the Oddities Page

Four new wines bottled in 2017  Valhalla Winery is expanding! New terrace adds 1/3 additional acre. See the wine page for more details.

Scout Camp!
Valhalla is available for  youth groups to come and visit Valhalla tree farm and enjoy its magic. Contact us if you know of a school, church or scout group that would like the use of our group camp and facilities.

New Garage /Apartment
We build a two car garage that's as cool as it gets over three summers.  Complete with a below-level apartment this is a pretty cool building. Designed by well-known northwest architect Steve Peterson, it fits the Valhalla building code to a tree.

Game Camera 
Take a look at the Valhalla wild game pictures we are getting with an unattended game camera the woods!

Projects Page
Filled with many of the exciting past and ongoing Valhalla projects like the "barking dog" driveway minder, solar heated hot tub and the spring fed water system. Not to mention clearing some creek debris with the new Komatsu Excavator

Salmon BBQ 
Be sure to check the Salmon BBQ pagePictures and graphics show the nuts and bolts of Northwest Indian techniques that blend the alder fire and rock-lined pit with modernity's such as chicken wire and paper mache' masks.

Norwegian Hytte'
In 2006, we began work on a Norwegian Hytte at the rear of the property. It is a 12x12 cabin perched on a small hill overlooking Jordan Creek in the middle of the "Back Forty" 110 yr old cedar and fir forest.  

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