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Cougar 1/1/18





shaggy deer




Nice series of a very athletic looking Bobcat


This is a fairly large cat


Coyote seems to notice the IR flash

Looks like a Black Bear at the culvert

A second larger one about 4 hours later

This is a pretty big guy



A Coyote checking things

July 2017

Nice 4 pointer


Wild Elderberry seems to be the favorite in July

Another Coyote

Nice series with mom and fawn



Nice series with new beaver activity near the big dam

Most work was accomplished at night

This is a 4" diameter Hemlock sapling the was cut down on a prior evening

Most of the sapling is gone, now the beaver is eating the bark

We threw some popcorn on this trail hoping for some action


Two hours later a pair of crows were taking care of it

Deer on the back trail

This beaver decided to begin packing our culvert with mud and sticks

We finally discouraged him but it took awhile

Here's a cat we watched for about a week on one of the back trails

We guessed it was a domestic cat but it was a long ways from any houses

Black bear on the creek trail



Coyote sharing the area with deer

Nice series of Mom and twin Fawns six hours later




Setting up the camera for a new shot

Blue Heron on the lower Beaver Dam



Nice series of a Coyote near Jordan Creek March 2016

He must see the camera?

Here's a shot of the camera on a tree on the fountain of youth trail



Just coming into the frame on the right

Juvenile Doe at the same location


We are not exactly sure what this is...

Along the Jordan Creek animal trail


We think this is  a Coyote, but not sure, coat is wrong

Bobcat near Jordan Creek 1/1/16

Coyote near footbridge

Here's another bobcat series along Jordan Creek

Appears the same Bobcat as we photographed Dec 2014

Blue Heron  in the lower pond
Note the razor sharp beak

Another shot of the Heron
He's watching for the Coho Salmon run

Summer 2015
First one, then two following mom

Twin Fawns

A portion of the trail along Jordan Creek used by wildlife.
A very nice second growth stand of Cedar, Fir and Hemlock

Bones discovered in November 2015
We hope its is not the remains of the fawn in the photo above..


Here's the mom..

Here's a series behind the picnic pavilion


Here's a series from the lower grape terrace


Some action at the top of Huckleberry Hill 2014




Here's a series from the top of the lower beaver dam trail




Here are three photos of a bobcat taken along Jordan creek in 2014.
We have seen a cat several times but always it has quickly disappeared.


Bobcat crossing the log-bridge


Appears to be the same Bobcat a month later

Raccoons on beaver dam

Night shot: Fawn on trail to the Fountain of Youth

Coyote on same trail Summer 2012

Coyote behind picnic pavillion


Another Coyote




Looks like a Possum crossing the lower pond loop trail


Some neighbor dog?



Another Dog going the other way

Another Dog meeting


Blue Heron checking the creek for Salmon

Here's Dave setting up the camera for a new shot

Here's the camera ready to capture the latest beaver activity

Canadian Snow Geese, lower pond dam

Wayward Deer

Beaver working on the dam

Here's our first Bobcat photo 

Popcorn Pond Trail.. is it a Coyote or a Deer?

Another doe

Raccoons at the lower pond dam

Raccoon in front of the farm house. This is how we verified something was getting into the bird feeder. The next night--->

We set the camera up on the deck railing. Here's a visit at 8:40PM

Here's a second visit at 11:02 the same night!

Here's a couple of Stellar Jays enjoying the bird feeder before the Raccoon arrived later that night

Here's a picture of DNR Forester "Boyd" checking his GPS 
This was a part of obtaining the permit to log in 2008
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