Valhalla Coho Run

Coho in Jordan Creek

It was in the early 1990's that we first began to see salmon in Jordan Creek.

We suspect that this run came from a fish hatchery/tribe-built rearing pond on Jordan Creek downstream from us.

It had been built in the 1980's. Thus began this run began the this run of Coho.

The tribe continues to play an active hand in the safekeeping of the Stillaguamish watershed.



Jordan Creek Drainage looking South
Trees from Lot 16 are on the left

Salmon spawning under the footbridge and trail to the Fountain of Youth
More on: construction of bridge using local materials


Here's a shot of Popcorn Pond downstream from the photos above.
This pond once was 1/3 acre but the course of the creek has changed over the years

Dead Coho December 2013.
Scavengers in the area love this time of the year!


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Scandinavian "Hytte" project on Jordan Creek


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