2012  27 Acre Acquisition                   

 One accomplishment was the purchase of 27 additional acres, "Lot 16" from our Eastern neighbor, Twin Falls Estates.

This brings Valhalla Tree Farm total holdings to 102 acres


Mature forest of 50-100 Yr old Fir, Hemlock and Cedar


Here's a scan of the county property map. The end of the road is shown mid L side. The inset 7 acres was an earlier acquistton


Compare  the map view of the cliff line and the actual cliffline picture here


Earl Ingebright.  His interest in forestry and expanding Valhalla Tree Farm continues.

Clearing the driveway

August 2012 minor clearing of a homesite and driveway rough out

Here's a shot looking west from the driveway

Here's a copy of the wine label we designed to commemorate this addition.
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