Earl's Memories Page

Here's a running list of memories to Earl

Earl's Audio Journals
recorded 2011
Chapter 1 Growing up in N. Seattle
Chapter 2 1928 to 1931
Chapter 3 Lincoln High School
Chapter 4 Buying some recreation property
A Video Interview of Earl by Dan Mihalko. Link
A professionally produced video interview "very good"
Earl's Video Documentaries
 recorded 8/12/2016
Chapter 1 Earl's vision and building the Norwegian Hytte  8/12/16
Chapter 2 Growing Dahlias  8/12/16
Chapter 3 The First Trail   8/12/16
Chapter 4 Finding the Property  8/12/16
Chapter 5 Making Wine  8/12/16
Chapter 6 Kubota Tour of the TreeFarm   8/12/2016


Earl's  picture gallery


1980's main gate at sunset
This land has been a happy place for the family

Earl and Laurine posing for a salmonbake
Earl was doing 6-8 of these a summer during the 1990s  and 2000s for his church group,
retired Postal Inspectors and various other groups.

With new Kubota gator

Building the Norwegian Hytte'

New Kubota Zero Turn Mower 2015

Another Salmon Bake


Bunk bed for the Hytte' -built in the woodshop
Copied from the one in Jon Kristian's Hytte in Norway
Granddaughter Shannon on the right


Another Salmon Bake
That's Tom May on the right

Working on the spring-fed water system project 1993


Earl's ingenious way to foil the beavers

Trying out the Valhalla Golf Course project
That's Bill Messecar on the left

Burying the spring-fed water system line 1993


Installing the stove in the Hytte project
That's granddaughter Jill on the right

First wall up! Hytte'
Earl, David and Jill


Another Salmonbake
L-R Carol Messecar, Earl, Gene Strickland, John Messecar

We rent a Bell 47 Copter for a 2 hr tour of Snohomish County (80th Birthday)
Here's Earl in front of it as we stop to for a break on a mountaintop

Another Salmon Bake
That's Bill Messecar getting some tips

Tree Farmer of the year award 2010

Insulating the heated slab for the MIL apt project
Shannon on Right

Earl checking the plumbing rough-in MIL Apt

Taking the used parlor stove back to the sauna project

Another Salmonbake for Jan's 60th
That's Curt Olsevich shaking hands, Earl's friend Marie

Another Party at the Pavillion
L-R Jan, Nicole Mansfield, Sarah Becker, Marie

Balloon ride birthday present 92nd birthday.. Hot Air Balloon from Harvey field in Snohomish

Making wine became a hobby after a huge success with his award-winning blackberry wines

Earl loved owning collecting and using heavy equipment
Here's he's working a project with his 2003 Komatsu Mini-excavator

We buy a used commercial grade Zero Turn mower
..and then have to figure out how to drive it!

99th Birthday at Palisades Restaurant

Copper River Salmon at Anthony's Homeport in Everett
That's Earl's friend Marie

Earl is unpacking his new grape de-stemmer/crusher

Earl's "Mr. Beaver Story" Illustrated by Ron Munro
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Page 2

David's Stories from the Memorial Service

Tree Farm Home

Earl's Obituary