Spring Fed Water System the "Fountain of Youth"


The Fountain of Youth Spring Fed Water System 
Located 260' up the side of Deer Mountain on the east part of the property, this spring supplies Valhalla Tree Farm with loads of fresh, clear spring water. The "Fountain" was discovered by Earl Ingebright in 1958 as he explored the new property. The Ingebright's then built and maintained a trail to the large boulder on the hillside in a stand of 100 year Fir. The water was tested and found to be extremely pure.

They took people there during hiking tours. An old tin cup was hidden under a clump of moss and visitors were offered a "taste". In 1994 the Ingebright's decided to run a pipeline from the spring to the main house. A major engineering endeavor, it made for a fun father and son project. The actual pipeline consists of about 1/2 mile of 1 1/4" Poly pipe buried under the tree farm service road. Average pressure is 45PSI. ...And no pump! A small bypass pipe feeding a European fountain in the yard keeps water to the house fresh


Burying the  half mile of1 1/4" poly pipeline 

This became a major engineering project installing the 1/2 mile pipeline.
It performs flawlessly with near zero maintenance.

Carrying  barrels up the trail to the spring

Capacity increase project in 2005. It was later dismantled.

First Test of the system!
Lots of pressure at the bottom of the hill at Popcorn Pond

Earl finishing the underground manifold

Decorative Fountain next to house, runs off the spring water
Gives visual indication that "all is well" up at the spring. Makes sure that fresh water is always running through the pipeline and keeps the system from freezing during cold weather. A drain system diverts runoff down the hill.

Tightening the feeder to the picnic shed

Drinking fountain at the picnic pavilion area.
This replicates the classic state park design pioneered by the CCC in the 1930's.

2-5 gal/Min flow 365 days a year

Popcorn Pond pressure gage.
System runs about 30PSI year round.
We keep a valve open at the very end of the system to ensure there is always fresh water in the pipeline

Storage system upgrade 2014
Shot of the pickup truck bed 210 Gal Water Tank
Installation    ...More

Scout Camp Pipeline Upgrade
Here's Dave digging out the scout camp shutoff stub.
We added a fire hydrant, tee for a future drinking fountain, valve box.
Campground hosebib about 100 ft behind Dave near the fire circle.



Spring Fed Water System Statistics

Length of pipeline: .5 Mile
Diameter of pipeline: 1.25" poly
Total drop: approx 260 Ft
Storage capacity at spring: 150 Gallons
Filter System:
-- Screen weir at pickup
-- Progressive through three barrels
-- Line strainer at house

Pressure at Earl's house: 45 psi


2 Fire Hydrants with underground shutoffs spaced along the pipeline
2 Campsite hosebibs (popcorn pond and scout camp)

Beaver departure and changes in Jordan Creek caused the pipeline across popcorn pond to become exposed in 2010

We noticed water spraying in 2013.
 ...and upon a closer look found a beaver had tried to chew the pipeline.
Innertube piece and clamp made the repair for now.

Fast Forward 2016
There is now a beaver dam where the pipeline above crosses Jordan Creek

Here's a water filter we added in 2016.
Getting some sediment in the house even through three barrels.
An insulated "house" will go over it.


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