Valhalla Oddities

           Skulls and Bones


Found in the 1900's Homestead House during cleanup
Appears to be a perfectly preserved Possum Skull.  The rest of the skeleton was missing


Here's the perfectly preserved skeleton of a woodpecker also found in the 1900's Homestead House during cleanup




             Beaver Sculptures

real looking dog

Beaver Sculpture found on trail to
lower pond.

retriever sculpture

Another shot of the sculptured face of a Retriever that one of the beavers made from  an Alder stump


Here's another sculpture...From this angle,  appears to look like a chicken.


As a finishing touch, the beaver added two small stones for eyes.
Link to the Beaver Detector project
Link to the Game Camera Project

           Mystery Note

This note was found December 2005 rolled up and tied to a deflated helium balloon.

The Balloon was hanging in a large salmonberry bush on the Huckleberry Hill trail.

It was obviously written by a little boy who had lost his dog and wanted to send a note to heaven.

 The age of the note and the location of the balloon launching remains a Valhalla Oddity.


      Bent Ladder


We used this ladder to attach a snatch-block so we could haul a log out of the creek.

When we pulled the log out of the ravine, this tree moved and bent the cheap aluminum ladder. 


Now...Here's this bent ladder in the middle of the woods and we looked at it and it was rather artistic. We just left it there for awhile


Here's two wine labels for our "Valhalla Grown" White Wine

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