Rock Concerts

Dave's been having these awesome summer concerts for about 25 years.   These gatherings, with usual attendance of about 100 people, help Dave realize his (1970 rocker) dream of having his own Woodstock outdoor concert !

This Group's performance  was outrageous

Jeff McCann rocks out

Red stage lighting casts cool glow

Solo singer performs this summer night

Anthem performs

Rocking out!

Download an MP3 of Route 66  by the Late Punctuals

A quick meeting before the next band begins their act

Sound man Leroy Saunders and assistant are all set up and ready to go as people begin to arrive. 

The Late Punctuals tune up before their performance

Singers love the outdoor acoustics

Hot Drummer

The Treatment
Note the Hammond B3 Organ

Emerald Fire

Stereo FM Transmitter runs off car battery

The FM Transmitter antenna

Dave has Soundman Leroy feed stereo audio from the mix board  to the Valhalla Pirate FM station (a low power FM Transmitter) so people in the parking lot can listen to the band, as well as people in the surrounding area! 

As guests arrive by car, they have instructions on the invitation to tune in the station and listen to band lineup and  parking info.  This is on a 30 second tape loop from an old answering machine!

The announcement on the continuous recording calls itself "Valhalla Approach Control".  One group lost their map but tuned the station and found the driveway leading to the party by listening for where the signal was loudest!

And then in 1998 Dave was contacted by the owner of Cascade Helicopters. They were looking for events to attend and give helicopter rides. For three years, a Vintage Bell 47 helicopter flew out of the Valhalla front "triangle" property during the rock concert day. It was a great addition to a really fun concert. 


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