Garage / Apartment Project  2009-2012

Here is a project to build a two car garage, shop and art studio with a small accessory apartment undedrneath built into a side hill below the garage.
It would have stunning views of the cliffs on Deer Mountain. 
Here is the project story as it unfolds...

Kitchen for the 800SF apartment    June 2013

Here's the garage as you come up the driveway. All Ext Lights on photocell and dimmed for effect

 Apartment living room

Studio is behind the garage and above a portion of the apartment. Note the woodstove, skylights and Hammond M-3

Panic Room in MIL apt  ...More

1940's Private Exchange Magneto Phone system connects to gate and private magneto phone system

Kitchen Appliances going in. Floor concrete stained

View of greatroom, woodstove in corner ready for trim

Shot of the hot water radiant heat system. Propane fired tank provides domestic hot water and hot water to the pex tubes in the apartment floor.

Fall 2011

View from downhill Fall 2011 Drywall going in apartment

Another drywall shot apartment Drywall in the workshop
Septic System link between two runs each 80 ft Septic "Gravelless Chamber" type installation
Running pipe from tank Tank to drain field run
Installing a Rockery with available rocks
Excavator taking a break  Note the brown paint choice
Fall 2010 evening shot Pretty much finished on the outside and to "Lockup"
Installing the wood stove in the shop/studio
View from the garage looking at the entry to the shop

Shot from the North through woods

Hardiboard siding going on. This will not be the final color!


Garage Front October 2011
Tyvek home wrap on and driveway/walkway poured.
Note stained soffet boards staged inside.

October 2010: Windows and deck going on
View from below. Note how it is built into the side hill.

Pen Sketch from woods

PUD Meter Installed.
Electric Service milestone!
Roof going on nicely.
Note the little roof over the side entry door
Interior framing complete
PEX tubing for the hot and cold.
Here's the runs to the kitchen
Examining the bathroom plumbing rough-in
End of September

Lower Front View

Framing of apartment coming together

Shot of the 2 Car Garage Front

Apartment framing from below grade
Note the sonotube for the deck support in foreground

Workshop behind garage

Sideview of the building

Installing the PEX tubing for radiant heat over the 6x6 grid late August

We'll pour a 4" concrete slab and encase the tubing. The heat will consist of circulating 140 degree water through the tubes

Test Manifold pressurized and ready to pour the slab
Utility Ditch
Note the 200 Amp conduit and telco, internet, gate control conduits

Shannon and her Grampa helping set R12 foam base for heated slab

In- Floor waste piping installed and inspected

Backfilling the upper wall

Backfilling the lower wall

Shot of the south side showing window well cutout. 
Note the downspout and perimeter drain piping going in.

Completed foundation

Shot of the new driveway spur on the left.
Right side goes up to the cedar prowhouse.
Note the cool rock that we dug up.

Clearing the lot
The major tools shown. Stump fire, Trak-hoe and Transit

Footings laid out and ready to pour

Shot of the foundation walls just prior to the pour

This is the sketch from Architect Steve Peterson after we met and I explained what I wanted. 
We discussed my rough sketch

 A visit to the building site, a couple more meetings and Steve and I were able to hammer out the rest of the building layout. It included a shop space and bathroom in the garage and a generous 800 square foot 2 bedroom Accessory Apartment below. This experienced architect used his skills to fit the design into the surrounding terrain and make it a truly "eye-popping" design. 
Link to Steve's Website

September 2009
This is what Dave found on the Internet. Plain crackerbox
List of dave's design criteria 

Dave's rough Sketch
This is sort of what was wanted. 
Two levels with an apartment dug into the hillside.  Large garage-shop above with lots of natural light

Architect sketch : View from the East




The decision was made to move ahead!

Getting started:  Final touches to county-mandated sign mounting. Note the departure from "required" 2x4 mounting

Proposed Site Plan as sent to the county. 

County required a site review due to 250 ft proximity to Jordan Creek. 
Here's the hand-drawn site plan with exact distances from building site to the creek 

                         Project Chronology 

Sept- looking on internet for stock plans
Oct- talked to several builders got ROM estimates for proj
Nov- Contacted architect liked plan, site visit
Nov- Meetings with architect Steven Pererson
Dec- Prelim meeting with county with plans and permits. Their focus was on creek proximity. Architect accompanied.

January - Plans to three local contractors for bids
March - First formal meeting to obtain building permit
March - 2nd meeting with building dept. Plans accepted! 
March - 30 day comment period for the conditional use permit needed for the accessory apartment.
April- Worked on project sequencing planning
April-Selected winning Contractor:
   On the Level Construction
May-Began clearing the lot in a serious way
June- Brought in a Trak-hoe and began excavation
June-Foundations laid out and poured concrete
July- Backfilling and lots of dirt work with excavator
August- Final grading of apartment floor and garage floor
August. Final grading and set drainage away from building.
August- Final prep for slab pours, one heated, one not
August- Installation of 200Amp power conduit and telco
September- Slab pours
September- Building is begun - It's been a friggin year!
October- Framing Complete, Windows installed
October- Plumbing rough-in complete
October- 200 Amp PUD service approved, began wiring
November-Siding completion, final pour of entries
November-Exterior and Interior entry doors installed
December- Garage Doors installed, wiring at 30%
December- To "Lockup" all doors and windows installed

January- May -Wiring
June- Landscaping, wiring, rockery
July- Propane gas line, wiring, rockery
August- Insulation, garage  openers, wiring
September- Wiring and Septic
October- Septic, Drywall and painting
November- Radiant Heat and hot water heat fab
December- Finalize elect and mech installations

January- Final inspections of elect and building
January- Order kitchen cabinets, bath cabinets
Feb- Appliances ready to install, trim selections
Mar- Apr- Install kitchen/bath cabinets
May- Choose granite remnant countertops
June- Trim installation
July- Bookcase fab studio and apt
Aug- Time to contemplate landscape plan
Sept- Washer and dryer install
Oct- Final touchup, panic room door
Nov- Ready for occupancy

May- Install pressure-boost water-pump
June- Install Ceramic Tile
September- Install DirecTV HD-DVR



View the Project Master Sequence Plan

 Cedar House     Security Gate    Family Tree Farm   Jordan Creek   Magneto Phone  System  Wifi System

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