Remote Rig  

This is  a "remote rig" setup using a Kenwood TS480 HF+6 Transceiver
The control panel is separated from the radio and  connected to a "remote rig" box.
Each box connects to the network.
The RRC interfaces feature two com ports and complete remote radio operation.
The front panel of the radio operates just like it was hooked to the radio, but the radio and front panel are in two different places connected via the internet.. unbelievable!



Here's a compact station in a box
Top to Bottom: Alinco DC supply, Remote Rig interface, TS480 R/T in a mobile bracket
Testing of the RRC lon local network: summer 2017
Plan 1 is to place it one the small mountain  behind QTH
Plan 2 is to use it at the Arizona winter QTH   
...more on the RRC project      


  1/2 Mile 2.4 Ghz Link



But in the meantime, it occurred to us that the remote rig could be connected to the extended network on top of the 900+ foot mountain behind the QTH.

Here's an experimental 2.4Ghz relay station on the mountain used to extend internet service to a neighbor. It's got power, network and a really high location.
Note the pro-surplus ubiquiti airbridge dish pointedat the QTH


   UHF Repeater  

GEMASTR II Exec Base Station

Repeater in a GoBox

As purchased 5/2004

This is a GE MASTR II UHF Repeater with controller and cavities. Dave built a smaller "Go Box" for the radio as pictured above. It was granted a UHF frequency pair but after initial testing, it was never fully on the air. Putting this on the air in Snohomish County is a goal for 2017.

            This GE MASTR II Radio's story

Junkbox Station Control


Here's a junkbox station control system designed by dave
It features AC power control for radios and PC, receiver switching for two audio sources and antenna relay control for two antennas

It was published in QST Magazine
Here's a link to the article

Magnetic Loop Antenna

Here's an interesting magnetic loop project
We didn't believe that these were really "HI-Q" until we built one!

The loop uses a vacuum variable capacitor and 3/8" copper tubing in a three-foot loop. Here's a photo of the remote tuning panel and SWR meter used for initial testing.
More details

VHF Yagi

4 Element VHF Yagi on top of 900 ft mountain behind QTH
4 Element welding rod Yagi positions to vertical polarity for FM and Horizontal for SSB
Rigs are IC706 (SSB) and Yaesu 7900 (FM)

Amateur TV over UHF

1 Watt 426 Mhz video transmitter

Test using a surplus surveillance camera

Transmitted frame

More projects...

Gate control/indication
IP Cameras
Magneto phone system
Security gate
MIL apartment/ garage
Cedar Kithouse
US Patent 4,700,379