2009 Entry Gate Project

Gate with fencing  
Note the black box with magneto phone inside

Wide shot of gate

View of completed gate from the road before fencing

Back side of gate

Shot  of the camera and solar cell array. So far the solar cells are keeping the gate batteries charged and there is no connection to the 115 Volt power.

Combination entry keypad on cedar post

Gate Control box Interior  
Note the battery voltmeter at the top of the Left Hand panel.. Gives an idea of the battery condition and solar power efficiency. 12 Volt gel-cel on right side and gate control board in the middle. Also switches for camera power, AC or Solar,  gatepost lights photocell automatic or manual control, switch to disable remote operation of the gate from the house.


1940 Leich Magneto Phone at Gate
Connects to house and is a part of the Valhalla "Local Battery" private telephone system.  More on the Valhalla Phone System
 Instruction card states to vigorously turn the magneto crank for six rings and listen for an answer. Gate control from house opens gate when caller is identified over phone and video. 
More on Valhalla video surveillance 

Outdoor rated load center junction box houses the gate controller along with the power, video and control wiring. 
Note the 3/4" PVC pipe used as "budget conduit"  on the 500 ft run from the house.

Here's Dave putting the finishing touches on the junction box. It was painted flat brown upon completion.


Shot of the conduit run to the exit sensor wand before backfill of the ditch. Note the 4 yards of gravel ready to be spread.

Here's Dave doing the initial hookup and mounting check of the "Mighty Mule" Gate actuator

Gate in it's "crate" as final  preparations are made to make sure the layout  is correct and pour the post concrete.

Final check of the dimensions and plumb of the posts.

Wet concrete and we hope all measurements are correct. 
Electric mixer is the only way to go!

Posts are poured and lamp mountings are checked. Conduit is exposed before backfill. Electric gate lock control and lamp power are in this conduit.



Shot of the PVC conduits crossing the roadway. 
Three separate pipes are shown: one for Power, one for video and control signals and one for a water hosebib at the gate area

Shot of one of the junction boxes and ditch before backfill.

Shot of one of four power junction boxes along the 500 ft driveway.
Each junction box contains a relay that switches on a floodlight the shoots up into the trees along the roadway. When a car enters the driveway either from the house or from the gate,  the relays all switch on and illuminate the roadway edges for 5 minutes

Here's the vehicle sensor at the top of the driveway temp mounted on the side of the pumphouse  for final testing. It's a commercial unit  the size of a switch designed to turn on the bedroom lights when you walk in. It is set to operate only at night and stay on for a predetermined number of minutes. 
The switch feeds 12Volts down a telephone pair routed with the 10Ga Power wires 


Wiring diagram for the driveway floodlight system lower control box. System actuation begins with sensing of the motor power on the gate. This pulls in a 2 minute time delay relay which sends 12 volts up the control pair. Each junction box then receives the 12 volt power and turns on its floodlight until the time is up and they all switch off. 

Pictorial Diagram of the roadway lighting setup


 View  house at the end of the road