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       This is a "Woodland" Cedar Kit-house sold by Linwood Homes in Milton, Wa.        
It's a 2300 sq ft classic northwest Post and Beam Prow House built on a southeast facing ridge. 

  Built into the hill, it has a daylight basement
  Began the site prep work, Summer of 2001
  Construction began Spring of 2002 and continued to 2010.

View of  Building Site Summer 2001  (Looking Southeast )
Deer Mountain about 1 mile in distance

  This will be David 's "getaway/retirement house"         
  The lot is situated on  a north-south ridge, the first of the Cascade Foothills.
  Some phases of the project were subcontracted.
     View Linwood Homes website

Installing heat tubes in the floor of the basement slab 2002

Lumber Arrives! The Linwood Kit Home arrives by two trucks and three trailers

First wall goes up

More walls and the house takes shape

Setting the main beams

 house on a hill

Siding going on

Final touches to the deck and railing

Lower patio and daylight basement entry

Great room with fireplace.
Standing here was the first indication that this was going to be an unusual house

Installing the septic system

Backfilling the septic tank 2004

Installing the heating tubes. Later "Gypcrete" was poured to a thickness of 1.5 inches.

Insulating the ceiling. Note the true post and beam construction

Wiring the service panel

Kitchen Cabinets

Ready for Granite!

Railing installation


Basement Ceiling installation using cedar siding

Greatroom ceiling complete


Bookshelf System

Kitchen cabinets complete

Another view of kitchen. Open floor plan allows for talking to guests and cooking

Taking the log chosen for the mantle piece to the sawmill
More on the Mantle Log

Mounting the sawn log Mantle above the fireplace

River rock fireplace Complete

Basement Lopi stove

Carport  and Hot Tub

Slate Tile Installation

Carport on East side of house

Raked windows and mountain view

Sunset on Deer mountain



Stairs lead to loft master bedroom.
The natural wood and earth tones are warm and pleasing

               More construction photos
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Wifi Network

Basement 100W Digital Ham Station


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