Jan's Surprise Birthday Party

So it was that Jan really really wanted a big party for her 60th.

The Invitation

We chose the invitation photo from one taken on her birthday one year ago.
It was taken at the versailles hall of mirrors and she was astounded.
She lookS so happy !

Earl, Michelle and Marie

Michelle and Ronnings

Curt and Lorna


A few opening remarks and a big hand for Jans 60th

"Thanks everyone for coming!"

A few remarks from Jan's old work partners
Note the 1980's Radio Shack PA system

A little roasting of Jan


Egg-Toss Game

Watching the egg-toss

Presentation of the prize to the winning team

Gary getting things started with the music program

A second guitar arrived with Dennis


The mini-golf course was a big "hit"
...more on valhalla golf



View the deception pass birthday picnic
View Mountain Trek with Curt and Lorna

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