Sauna Project 2015


 Earl wanted to do another backwoods project...


June 2015
This backwoods project has been in the planning stage for a year. In September 2014, we had a pretty good sketch for this one-room outdoor sauna with porch.
It was to be a traditional Scandinavian sauna with sod roof and covered front porch.
Exterior is split cedar shakes salvaged from the homestead house
 Construction began in January 2015

12 Volt LED array in a "can lamp" for the porch light


Waterford parlor stove in the corner. 22" wide bench


Antique window, Thermometer and Hygrometer and vent.
Walls are 1"x 8" Red Cedar insulated with 1.5" rigid foam.

Battery box and car battery for LED lights

Applying sod and moss to the roof

Finished cedar bench boards ready to take to the Sauna.
All interior western red cedar boards are from Valhalla lumber



So here's a bare-bones 10x12 outdoor wood-heated sauna. ...Our design!
It's located at the back part of the tree farm adjacent to a one-room cabin.

Tom working on the chimney kit installation
Waterford parlor stove purchased on CL


Ready for the roof

Cap and spark arrestor complete

Stove on it's way back to the Sauna. It's a Waterford Parlor Stove

Roof installation  
3/4" plywood for a sod roof. Note the rough cut door made from Valhalla lumber stock.
The plans specified Valhalla lumber to be used wherever possible.
Valhalla lumber was used for about 75% of this building.

OSB plywood sheathing


Initial frame-up

This is to be a traditional Finnish sauna with wood stove and cedar wall interior
Note the one-room cabin in the background. ...More on cabin


Window frame fabrication in the woodshop

Porch and level pad using pavers


Getting the foundation ready

Pavers on crushed rock & sand forms the floor in the sauna room


Hytte from Jordan Creek

Hytte from SW ...More Hytte


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