Norsk Hytte' 
Here's a one-room Norwegian-Style vacation cabin we build on the "Back Forty"

View from the NW
Note the new deck and Norwegian Flag

Note smoke coming from the smokestack
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The "Norsk Hytte" is one of the continuing  Valhalla projects. Granddaughter Jill has always wanted to learn some construction skills.  And.. Grandfather Earl had always wanted to build a small cabin at the back of the property on a small hillock overlooking Jordan creek. He wanted it to be similar to the Hytte's our Norwegian Cousins built in the mountains of Norway.  

This dream came to fruition in 2004 when we finished a bridge across the creek and a road to the top of a small hill on the back forty. Near the 7 Acre Acquisition. Then we took a look at the construction materials we had available.  Just about all the lumber we needed to build this 12x12 cabin we had in our rough-cut sawmill stockpile. 

So it was that Earl and Jill with help for just about everyone else in the family, began construction of this cabin. It contains a bunk bed, stove and table and chairs. It is envisioned that the running creek could turn a small power generator and  keep a 12 volt car battery charged for lights...

Granddaughter Jill and Earl pose in front of the construction area . 


Setting the foundation and floor joists


Earl, Dave and Jill after the first wall is erected 2004

Finishing the top front

Shot of Hytte from across Jordan Creek


Installing the siding April 07

More siding


Stove Installation


This is a donated "trashburner".
These were installed in kitchens in the 1930s and 1940s.
It has a small firebox and water heater coil.

Running Water!
900ft Waterline from the Spring ...More on Spring

Installing the water and drain system

Here's a Valhalla "standard" hose bib installation.
Note the gray cover on side of the Hytte. This is for a generator connection.


We installed a drain and water to the back of the Hytte
This will be for the small sink and shower


Copper plumbing for propane feed and water hookup to water heater

Stainless sink and shower setup.
Note the propane "on-demand" hot water heater

Hytte Electrical System
Car Battery Power runs LED lighting
View old power panel

West end lights. Note the Norwegian bunk bed Earl built
View bunk bed construction

Here's a shot of the Hytte Outhouse 

Morning light shafts illuminate ferns
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View Sauna Project adjacent to the Hytte