Tree Farm Wireless Network



Diagram of the Valhalla Wi-Fi Network.
Hover mouse over each end of the links to see the antenna positions.


   Wireless Network


Ubiquiti "Unifi" Outdoor Access Point
It communicates to the units on the the right and below.
The old system used routers and hi gain antennas.


Two Ubiquiti "Nano M2" stations on the Prow house
Each one connects to a wireless access point (AP)


Cisco Small Office Router in main house
Take this Cisco RV42 small office router found on the surplus market. Our opinion is that it is more reliable and probably faster than most consumer routers.

Technology is moving so fast that used "pro" equipment can be had on the surplus market for 1/10th the original price.

These nano stations  are easy to use, directional, put out  a lot of power and they find the best balance between power and data speed. Plus they are "open source" and 3rd party programmers have written new firmware that makes them work even better.

Garage  Node using Nano M2


Garage Wireless Router serves as the access point


Pictorial of the network

    View an earlier, more complicated system using routers configured as wireless "clients" WDS System


Foscam IP Camera on the workbench.
You can pan and tilt the camera by remote control over wifi.
These cameras are able to handle some capture and email tasks using their internal web-server.

Foscam remote pan tilt camera experimentally mounted on the pump house

"Video Capture" Software takes it to the next level. Advanced motion detection, video or snapshot options and email, text and upload to the internet are all available with a huge variety of options.
After checking out the available products. We settled on Blue Iris 3rd Party software.

Here's a shot from the "Pump House" Cam.
The motion controls and posting, email and other options available using Blue Iris are incredible.


Garage Driveway camera shot
This intruder appears to be threatening the camera


New Garage driveway surveillance camera.

Another shot of the Garage IP Camera
It joins the wireless network and is accessed  via it's own webpage  or accessed using a third party software on a computer.

Video clip of suspicious car arriving

Twin Falls Security Gate Camera

Here's the side gate at the Arizona Vacation House

More...Security Cameras at the Maricopa Arizona house


Here's a  shot from the Arizona driveway cam


              More Wifi and networking projects..

Birdhouse Camera

Fence Camera


Long Range WiFi Experiment

Rural  WiFi  Experiment


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