Foot Bridge                    



When the last footbridge finally appeared to be rotting away, we decided it was time to rebuild. Lots of native materials around Valhalla. We located a nice large Western Red Cedar log and proceeded to go at it with chainsaw and wedge. Earl recalls that this is the fourth bridge we've laid across the creek at this point in fifty years. Not to outdo ourselves, we decided to build a Washington State Parks "specification" bridge this year, complete with handrails and 45 degree bracing. 

One of several Coho Salmon passing under the footbridge in the Fall of 2007...returning to spawn  the creek where they were born to after spending their lifetime in the pacific ocean.


Note the interesting curve on the LH railing

Jordan Creek flows into the  "Big Pond"

Just for comparison, here's a shot of the footbridge over Sol Duc Falls in the Olympic National Forest West of Seattle

Florence Family posing on the bridge during their family reunion in April 2009.  L to R:
 Mark, Dave, Shannon; Joanne, Nicole, Tim, Zack, Kari, Katrina   Not pictured: Rich

Here's Dave putting the finishing touches on the new footbridge. 


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