Valhalla Events                   


Scouts Open House    View    June, 3rd Saturday
Shooting Match         View     May, 4th Saturday
Ham Radio Field Day    View  June, 3rd Saturday
July 4th   Salmon BBQ     View  July 4th
Lincoln HS Class of 1936 BBQ   View    July, 3rd Saturday
Jan Ingebright's Birthday View Sept, 1st Saturday
RocknRoll Concert      View       August, 2nd Saturday
Golf Invitational  View         Sept, 2nd Saturday



In Norse mythology, Valhalla was the Great Hall of Odin, where the bravest warriors who had died in battle lived forever. 
Every morning they went out to battle; every evening they returned; their wounds were tended; 
they drank and feasted and listened to tales of great valor.