Valhalla Salmon BBQs

Earl checking the progress of the cooking 

Earl shows Tom May the technique for removing the backbone.

Earl posing with headdress and mask. 
The Valhalla Salmon BBQs give Earl a chance to show his Northwest Indian technique for cooking the tastiest Salmon. This method was taught to Earl and his friends Fred Lombard and Bob Clifton by Indians from the La Conner Swinomish Tribe in the 1960's.  Barbequing Salmon is a Valhalla tradition dating back to the late 1950's. Earl and his friends from the Seattle Postal Inspection Service had many fun parties complete with zany prizes and eye popping surprises 

View Invitations from early Salmon BBQs 

 Valhalla History

Note the alder saplings are used for two frames, one that holds the  fillet of Salmon in-between chicken wire frame and one that provides variable heat settings for the actual cooking.

Serving generous portions is the best part!

Another shot of the simple frame made from alder saplings.

Another enjoyable get together in the upper meadow.

Earl and granddaughter Shannon. 

Jeff and Carol discussing the "doneness" with Grandfather Earl at the July 4th 2004 Family BBQ

Bill Messecar and Earl turning the Salmon over for its last hour of cooking

Bill and Earl carefully remove the chicken wire before serving. 

     Recipe and procedure         Pictorial of BBQ Framework