Wide Area Distribution System using commercial routers as
"wireless clients"

14 Element Yagi at the main house access point.
Directed to the Parabolic antenna in the picture on the right at the prow house and also at the the garage antenna below.
This is main feed point of the 
WDS WiFi distribution system using two routers and directional antennas to link three buildings


24db  WiFi  Parabolic at the other end of the 200' link
...on the
Prow house


Garage Yagi  test antenna.


Prow house node above the carport. The parabolic antenna is on the other side of the wall. Short antenna leads are the rule when working with Wifi signals.


Garage/Apartment WDS node in the attic storage space. Cable leads outside to Yagi antenna.
This is an off-the-shelf TP-Link router
We used Yagi and Parabolic antennas because of their ability to focus a lot of Wifi power in  one direction.
View a shot of the
cat inspecting a pair of TP-Link Routers

The TP-Link Routers began to exhibit a bad characteristic.
The  user interface  became unavailable after two successive
Thus the search for a more reliable system.
Ubiquiti Networks airmax components were chosen for evaluation.


Shot of the network administrator doing some initial signal testing in front of the garage/apartment.
Note the prow house in the background and TP-Link router on top of the ladder.

Prow house antenna pointing down the hill to the access point.
Measurements showed a very nice 24 db signal at the Prow house.
Wifi signals at 2.4 Ghz do not like anything but a clear line of sight link.
The RF power of the routers was "upped" to ensure a reliable link.


Close-up of the vegetation between the Prow house and the access point antenna.
Ttrees and leaves between the two--but it works.


The Classic Linksys "WRT54G" Router is a favorite among home wireless network enthusiasts for it's open architecture and availability of Linux  firmware upgrades

A whole subculture of software writers have taken advantage of the Linux open architecture and making use of the full capabilities of this Linksys box.. These include more power and increased capabilities such as wide area distribution systems, wireless clients and repeaters.

We've experimented with two firmware upgrades that essentially "supercharge" the WRT router.



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