WIFI Long Range Link Experiment



Here's a test we ran: Objective was to set up an internet link between Dave's house and neighbor Todd's house on a mountain about 1/2 Mile away.
Shot of "supercharged" LinkSys Router used on the test link to transmit Wi-Fi to neighbor at Twin Falls.  Shot of 24 Db Parabolic Antenna pointed at the neighbor house on Jordan Peak

Here's a diagram of the 2.4Ghz link test using a 16db gain Yagi

Shot of the experimental radio link. This antenna is a Cushcraft 2.4Ghz Yagi.
The results of the test were inconclusive. Four trials were run  Signals were low


Shot of latest link test. this one picks up the Access Point router and retransmits using a third router

Shot of the parabolic pointed at jordan Peak for the second round of tests. The router RF power is set to 200mW

Here's the Yagi picking up the Access Point from the house down the hill.


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