New 200 Gal Storage Tank                   

Taking the tank back to the bottom of the trail
Carrying the tank up to the area of the spring

1/4 mile switchback trail.
260 Vertical feet give 40psi at the house.

Leveling up the base using pressure treated 4x4s

Setting up the new tank
Original storage barrels in rear.

Prelim sketch of new tank piping layout
Note: Overflow is provided so that the tank is not pressurized

2" flex pipe tank drain

Here's Tom fitting the drain and shutoff valves

Roughing in the 2" PVC dump and feed valves.
Note the 1.5" Poly pipe running down the hill

Existing catch and storage system on the right and the new tank on the left. Blue tanks were removed to upgrade the 20 yr old base

Overflow and pipe down hill.
Valve on left is for dumping the tank and future expansion
Feed from spring weir
Note the old blue tank disconnected

Wide-shot with dog posing

Front detail
Overflow close

Upon cutover to the new tank we had some trouble.
Check this config with temporary vertical vent pipe. (it didn't help)
Closeup of the tank-drain fiting.
The warning label tells you not to connect the fitting to a permanent piping system. It recommends a flexible piece in between.

Here's a shot of the pressure gage at the Popcorn Pond valve box pressure gage. Needle reads 30PSI

Diagram of the water system


Close-up of weir
Feeds sediment filter barrels below

New barrels feed the 200 Gal tank
Note the water fill-line

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