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This classic "Yerf Dog" gets a new life



The Yerf Dog kart is a classic

They still makem! Yerf-Dog webpage

The Torque Converter transmission is best suited for a trail kart. (It does need a new belt every year)

Good on grass, dirt or gravel


Oversized knobby rear tires ensure a solid grip

Mandatory Kill Switch below steering wheel

New Harbor Freight 6.5HP Engine and Torque Converter

Here we mount a movie camera to film a high speed circuit around the back forty.

Attempting to make a U-Tube video similar to this one view video

 Caught by a game camera crossing the new bridge

Another gamecam shot: crossing new bridge



 Crossing the big culvert in a cloud of dust


Chased by an angry dog


Around the driveway


 Up a hill to the main trail


Navigating the lower bog trail

 Test ride to check the new brakes


Still trying to make a movie.
Camera duct-taped to drivers chest for this try.

It didn't work. Camera kept trying to find an auto-focus point. That's why the "GoPro" types work. They're set to focus on infinity. Here's a chinese clone for $60, its on my christmas list.


Always make sure the seat belt is fastened

Steering is very close-coupled, like a race car

Late afternoon drive up the mountain

Views were stunning

New driver getting some last-minute driving tips


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