Greenhouse Project

Here we build a greenhouse centered around three tempered glass panels                

Prelim rough sketch of the basic layout we wanted


Detail sketch of the glass frame cut from 2x4 lumber

This site has a clear view to the southwest.
We level up the 8'x8' platform on pier blocks

The frame for the three windows was built separately and brought to the site.

Building is taking shape

Shot of Dave fitting the rafters

Notching and fitting the rafters took the most time

We used some framing clips left over from the last project

We used our utility trailer as a workbench

Fitting a used window for the north side

Framing complete

Corrugated solar-rated plastic panels for the roof


Applying liquid nails to the inside before mounting the glass

Last cleanup before installation

Exterior shot. It gets so hot inside, now it needs a fan!

Shaping a cedar handle for the door

shaping handle cutout with rasp

Ripping trim pieces from 1" rough lumber from the tree farm wood-yard.
Before turning on the saw, Dave donned safety glasses

Installing trim

Painting clear sealer on finished handle. Note the "lock".

Adding 12V Solar Cell for "free power" vent fan

12V fan from an RV catalog

Outside fan louver

Auto or Manual temperature control switch
Automatic mode turns on fan at 85F View schematic diagram

12Volt Gel Cells store the solar energy

Wooden cover for the battery pack



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