Current HF Station

HF Digital Station
Kenwood TS-480 HF Transceiver
Dave is active on HF Digital currently JT65/FT8
Active on 17, 20, 30 and 40 meter bands

Collins 30L Linear Amplifier

Main Antenna
HyGain AV640 Vertical on a 10ft tower section  ...more


40M Dipole

Vacation Home Station

Winter QTH station in Maricopa, AZ   ...more
New Remote Rig project for 2018


40 ft stealth wire antenna connected to auto-tuner
High noise levels and a poor ground made this a poor radio location

VHF UHF Station in Workshop

Workbench VHF/ UHF Station
Yaesu 7900 and SWR meter.

Longer view of bench with magneto phone project in background
Coax switch selects between PRO197 trunking scanner and the Yaesu

Yaesu and PRO 197 scanner below

Discone antenna on 2nd floor
The Discone works exceedingly well over a wide range of frequencies
It's fed with RG58/U coax and still performs beyond expectations
View huge cold war HF discone at a Titan missile facility near Tucson

Mobile Station

Icom IC T-70 dual band H/T with accessory mike

Stealth mobile 19"  dual band mag mount on SUV

Emergency Station

IC-706 in custom Go Box

Coupler and emerg vertical antenna

Typical digital station hookup
Dave runs only digital modes on HF

Field Day 2017 and SOTA  

Operating in the shade. Jordan Peak

4 Element 144Mhz 'welding rod' Yagi Antenna purportedly has 8-10 db gain
Operator comments:
"This is the 2nd year I've used this Yagi and it has exceeded my expectations. An upcoming project plan is to try it for metror-scatter contacts using the new digital mode FSK144" This is the third contest where I've had a blast on top of this 910 ft mountain near the home QTH.
Lots of Yagi plans on the internet



Pointng it to the NW
You can run this antenna Horizontally for SSB communications on 144.2
or Vertically for 144Mhz FM
I was able to contact VA7ACQ "Josh" just north of Victoria minutes after this was taken

Yaesu 7900 within easy reach
This 40 Watt radio was used for VHF-FM simplex contacts


2016 Field Day,  Jordan Peak SOTA

2016 Field Day VHF/UHF station uses a new
"first test" 4 element homebrew Yagi

QSL Card

   Station 2008  

Collins Linear, IC706

    Station 1996  

IC-740 Transceiver, PK232 and Yaesu FRG-7

Another view
Note the Heath SB series Station Monitor (L) for RTTY tuning

SStation 1986  

1986 Station
(L-R) Icom 45A, Robot 400 SSTV Scan Converter, Hal RTTY Unit, Heath Station Monitor, Icom 740, Yaesu FRG-7

Station 1983  

1983 Station
(L-R) Dave, HAL  Telereader RTTY unit and Heath station monitor, IC-740, Yaesu FRG-7