Outhouse Project



Shot of the interior


Drawings were posted inside for users to ponder



Here we are checking the final positioning


Under construction behind the woodshop.
Note the two lagscrew eye-bolts to tow it and position it.
dimensions are 48x48 square.
Goal was to use Valhalla lumber wherever possible.


Chain is connected to eye bolts and entire front lifted with loader bucket

Moving to the popcorn pond camp about 1/4 mile

Close-up of handmade inside lock

Foundation using matched green cedar logs.
Chainsaw was used to make a series of cuts and then an axe was used to chop the notch flat.
4" Lag Screws were used to fasten the 2x6's to the logs
We calculated that this is the 5th or 6th outhouse we've made at the farm over the past forty years!

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