Logging 2008                    

In 2007 the Ingebright's contemplated an Alder Harvest. Several stands of Alders were nearing full maturity and they wanted to not only manage the resource but make sure they were managing the whole tree farm as a forest resource.  Earl and David Attended a Forest Stewardship Class put on by the Washington State Extension Service. It gave them the tools to know how to go about harvesting, the regulations, the forms, what to do about waters flowing through the property and the knowledge to actively manage this private forest. The y also learned about diseases of forests and much much more.

Their application culminated in a series of visits by State DNR foresters who approved our harvest and gave suggestions on how to manage the harvest for the smallest impact on the environment. Next came a series of interviews with several loggers and final approval of our "FPA" which is the permit needed to begin the timber harvest operation. 

Since they wanted  to harvest some of the mature Alder in the riparian zone along the shore of the large beaver pond, they were required to further document our intentions and obtain approval for  an "Alternate Plan". This would give approval to harvest certain Alders in areas less than 150 ft from the edge of the water. 

Skidding Logs down from the top of Huckleberry Hill

Stacking logs at the Popcorn Pond Turnaround

Picnic Pavilion Looking West

Another shot of the Picnic Pavilion area

Picnic Pavilion looking SW

South of the driveway

Northbog Cut

Northbog Cut from the road


In all ...the Valhalla Tree Farm 2008 Logging project was a big success. The Logger, Russell McCloud (Sams Logging and Hauling) was extremely cooperative and did his best to keep collateral damage to a minimum.

The use of the track hoe and minimal use of the skidder made the impact to the forest floor minimal. 

As we move into 2009, We'll be doing some additional cleanup, re-gravel of the roadways and prepare for the replant of Western Red Cedar.

Burning the logging debris. Huckleberry Hill 

Another shot of the burning piles

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