Valhalla Tree Farm

Valhalla Tree Farm was purchased by Earl Ingebright in 1958 as a getaway for his family.  It was 63 acres of woods with a creek and a rundown old house and barn. Earl had gotten caught in the big rage of the 1950s and 60s and that was to have a some land on a creek or a lake or saltwater to go to on weekends and summer vacations. He named it Valhalla after the the mythical place where the Norse gods lived. Jordan creek flowed along the base of the cliffs and there were Coho salmon in the fall. A series of beaver ponds were discovered to provide excellent fishing. The old homestead house had been built from local cedar beams and boards in 1900 and needed work. Earl and his family and a few friends fixed up the place and he loved working in the woods cutting firewood, making roads and trails. The property turned out to be a hidden gem, sixty acres with a backdrop of the stunning sheer vertical cliffs of deer mountain.  The area had been logged in 1900 and had naturally seeded itself with a variety of cedar, hemlock, fir and alder stands. Earl added to  five or ten acres here and there over the years until it was a full blown 100 acres. Beginning in the 1986 Earl and his son David began working with other local private landowners and learning the art of managing a small private forest to maximize its health and productivity.